Quality, innovation, creativity, fair conditions; in early summer 2001 we launched our first Ucon Acrobatics collection with these guiding principles. Together with talented artists and the design community around us, we wanted to build a creative and healthy environment for our brand. So, we took an old cow stable and transformed it into our studio in Berlin-Friedrichshain; the perfect location, since art, contemporary design, architecture and fashion have been happily living together in this district for a long time. The inspiration behind our designs? Berlin itself, of course, but also travels to other countries and our friends.

Ucon Acrobatics is minimalistic and contemporary. We design progressive and modern silhouettes with a clean design. We create innovative products for a whole new generation of creative consumers.

Our approach towards product design: minimalism, innovation, functionality.

Ucon Acrobatics is vegan and sustainable: Animals are not expendable and must not suffer for our products. With PETA we have the right partner at our side to both guarantee our high standards and to spread awareness about animal rights. We have met all the conditions to be an official partner of PETA and are extremely proud of this.

We make backpacks from recycled plastics and reusing materials. Doing this, about 20 plastic bottles can create a brand new backpack making the planet a little bit cleaner.