Le Cord – Ghost Net Black Hand
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Every year 640.000 tonnes of fishing gear are dumped in our oceans. ”Ghost Nets” are harmful fishing nets discarded at sea continuing to catch and kill marine life for hundreds of years. Species trapped in ghost nets die, which means food for other aquatic living beings who also get caught and die, leading to a deadly cycle. This goes on until the nets break down into micro plastics and in the end will land on our dishes in sushi and all kinds of fish.

As the world’s first and only brand Le Cord established an infrastructure for collecting fishing nets. By this the vicious loop can be stopped and the nets turned into products contributing to a sustainable planet.

Le Cord’s brand new GHOST NET collection includes Apple MFI certified charger and sync cable made of recycled ocean fishing net plastics.

It’s time to push conscious and sustainable values into the mobile accessory segment!


Le Cord – Ghost Net Plum
Le Cord – Ghost Net Red
Le Cord – Ghost Net Bleu
Le Cord – Ghost Net Bleu
Le Cord Ocean Plastics Seashell
Le Cord Ocean Plastics Hook